Winter Is the Best Time for Infrared Home Inspections

Winter Infrared Home InspectionAs the temperatures dip toward the freezing levels – and below for some regions! – we’d like to remind you that winter is the best time for an infrared home inspection. Why? Because infrared works on heat variations, called ‘heat signatures’ and when it’s cold outside, the differences between interior heat signatures and outdoor temps make it even easier to perform an infrared home inspection.

Energy Leaks are More Apparent in Winter

With the significant contrast between interior warmth and exterior cold, it’s far more easy to see energy leaks in the winter. It’s a great time to do an infrared home inspection even if you have no plans to sell your home any time soon.

Plugging the leaks that are causing energy loss in your home is a great way to put a little money back into your budget as well as making your home more comfortable and less drafty.

Knowing where the leaks are is crystal-clear with an infrared camera and the home inspection report will outline what you can do to fix those energy leaks and tighten up your home.

Pre-listing Home Inspections Before the Summer Selling Season

A recently published article noted that pre-listing home inspections are more than a marketing tool – and it’s true! A pre-listing home inspection can give the seller an extraordinary amount of information that can help them fix problems before they’re discovered by potential buyers – an ideal way to speed up the entire sale process. A pre-listing home inspection can also help the seller and their realtor price the home to sell quickly. It can also help to establish the price of any repair that the seller may be willing to negotiate on.

Many homeowners who want to the sale to go smoothly and quickly find a great deal of comfort in a pre-listing inspection especially in markets where you are trying to distinguish your home from other similar homes in the same neighborhood. Buyers typically appreciate the fact that the homeowners is willing to fix the issues with the home and be transparent about what they did to make their home ready to sell.

Andrew MacDonald is skilled infrared home inspector who has been inspecting the homes in Hoffman Estates, Palatine, Schaumburg, St. Charles and the surrounding towns for years. If you need to know where energy leaks are occurring in your home, fill in our online form and request an infrared home inspection today.

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