Why You Should do a Pre-listing Infrared Home Inspection

Pre-listing Infrared Home InspectionThe advantage of infrared for home inspections is something we really believe in here and the fact is, the use of infrared for home inspections is growing increasingly popular. So, why should you do a pre-listing infrared home inspection – that is, prior to listing your home for sale?

The current inventory of homes on the market these days is pushing record levels. Gone are the days of multiple offers within days (even hours) of listing your home. Buyers are increasingly sensitive to the property condition and – more than ever before – are asking for strong disclosures up front about the condition of the home. They’re also bargaining hard on the sale price and pushing prices down lower and lower.

A pre-listing home inspection is a great way to accomplish three things when you really want to sell your home:

  1. Identify defects and make the repairs ahead of time – with an infrared home inspection report in hand, you’re in the best possible position to find the right contractors and take your time getting your property ready prior to listing. Making repairs ahead of time limits the potential for buyer objections over defects during the negotiations.
  2. You can use the inspection report can act as a pricing tool – having a completed home inspection report can help you arrive at a realistic listing price. If you find that your roof inspection shows significant wear and tear, you can take that into consideration prior to listing your home.
  3. Give our buyers confidence – with a clean inspection in hand, potential buyers will feel more confident about moving ahead with an offer. When a buyer sees through their own inspection that there are no major defects to the property to be addressed, it’s easier for them to determine how much to offer and how to move forward.

While no pre-listing inspection can guarantee to ward off potential ‘deal-breakers’, most home sellers agree that the benefits outweigh holding off on an inspection until after a contract is accepted. Anytime you can go into a negotiation with all the available information at hand, you’re in a far better place to negotiate with confidence.

If you get an offer that’s ridiculously low, you know the buyers are just fishing to see if they can catch an unconfident seller offguard. You won’t be that seller because you know what your home is worth, what repairs have been done and/or need to be done, and you can rest assured.

See what difference infrared can make with your pre-listing home inspection and call Andrew MacDonald, an experienced infrared home inspector for homes near St. Charles, Schaumburg and the surrounding area. Fill in our online form to request your infrared pre-listing home inspection today.

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