Why Infrared is Great for Home Electrical Inspections

Infrared for home electrical inspectionsWhile the advantage of infrared (IR) imaging in the home inspection process is clear, infrared has particular advantages when it comes to inspecting electrical systems. Because the components of a home electrical system almost always overheat prior to failing, and you can only really identify the overheating with an infrared camera, infrared is key to discovering the status of your home’s electrical system BEFORE if fails.

During an infrared home electrical inspection, the electrical equipment, including:

  • the distribution panelboards
  • the switch boards,
  • the contacts,
  • the service panels,
  • and more

can be thoroughly examined through the lens of an infrared camera. Through the apparent temperature differences, a trained infrared home inspector can identify and document potential problems with your electrical system including loose connections and overloaded circuits which are the most common causes of electrical fires.

Infrared home inspections can detect electrical system issues that include:

  • excessively hot or loose connections
  • overloaded motors
  • overloaded transformers
  • overheated circuits
  • overloaded wires
  • even arcing

Infrared cameras are a great advantage with electrical inspections because any electrical panel that shows signs of rust or moisture or is buzzing or arcing (sure safety risks) can still be inspected from a safe distance. This means a homeowner or buyer can get the information they need before sending for an electrical contractor.

An infrared inspection incorporates the ability to show both standard digital photographs as well as the infrared photograph, so you can see the affected area with both views. The side-by-side comparison view is a great tool when it comes time to get the discovered electrical issues fixed because it gives your electrical contractor just the information they need to know to properly fix the problem.

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