What an Infrared Home Inspection Teaches Homeowners

What Infrared Teaches Homeowners (photo credit via flickr karol m)A home inspection, while a critical element of any home purchase, is also used by homeowners who want to satisfy a nagging question about the condition of their home, are about to start a renovation project, or want to get their home in top condition prior to selling. Most home buyers make their purchase offer contingent on the results of a home inspection.

If the current housing market is buyer-friendly (i.e., plenty of homes and few buyers), then having your home in top condition can keep buyers interested and make the sale go through.

If the current housing market is seller-friendly (plenty of buyers and few homes), then having an infrared inspection is critical for the buyer to be sure that the deal they are making happen as quickly as possible is still the right thing to do.

Current Homeowners Learn Details About their Homes

If you are the homeowner, an infrared home inspection can tell you:

Sure, you could call a contractor to examine problems in your home, but they may or may not be able to diagnose the cause of the problem without tearing up the walls and/or floors. Wouldn’t you rather know what  the problem is before the destruction begins so you can limit it?

Homebuyers Learn About Their Home Before They Buy

As a homebuyer, a home inspection is a critical part of the purchase process. All homes – even newly constructed  homes – have issues and depending on how an older home has been maintained, the list of issues could be long. A fresh coat of paint, some new carpet, and flowers out front all make the home seem like it’s perfect for you and your family, but that paint could be hiding ceiling or wall stains due to hidden leaks, the new carpet may be covering a warped floor, the flower bed outside may be hiding a cracked foundation.

As a homebuyer, the home inspection is not only for finding defects, but it’s also the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about your property. Key areas to focus on and understand are:

  • Moisture
  • Electrical
  • Foundational
  • Roof

If your home inspection exposes the fact that the home you are about to buy isn’t quite in the condition you thought, that’s room for negotiation.

Renovations Can Go Smoother

As a homeowner, if you are considering renovating your home you have two choices:

  1. Find out what’s behind the walls and in the floor before you open it up
  2. Discover what’s hidden after and add to the cost of the reno

You see these situations on the home television shows all the time: the buyers thought they had a good deal but when they opened up the wall they find it’s infested with rodents, or destroyed by termites, or soaked by leaking water. All of these are relatively expensive discoveries to make and wouldn’t you rather know what you are getting into before you start so that you can adjust the budget ahead of time? Otherwise, that 2-week project could turn into months of demolition and rebuilding with all the associated noise, dust, and dirt.

No matter whether you are a homebuyer or a homeowner you have plenty to learn from your infrared home inspection.


Andrew MacDonald is an experienced and certified infrared home inspector for homes in Elgin, Algonquin, St. Charles, and the surrounding towns for nearly 20 years. When you want to understand your home’s condition or are considering buying a new home, call Andrew today and he’ll tell you how he can help.

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