Infrared Home Inspections – Not Just for Home Buyers Anymore

Sure, a home inspection is critical when you’re buying a home, but infrared home inspections aren’t just for buyers anymore. It’s more common to inspect a home when you’re buying it, of course. You want to know the real value of the home and what kinds of issues you’re getting into, but what about when … Continued

Negotiating After Your Infrared Home Inspection

One of the most important reasons for having a home inspection of any kind is to discover the true condition of the home through a trained third-party. An independent home inspector gives the buyer the information they need to evaluate potential defects and deferred maintenance on the home they are purchasing before the sale is … Continued

Mold damage (image credit flickr: Remy Sharp

Can Infrared Find Mold In Your Home?

We’ve all heard about the dangers of mold and how mold can cause serious health problems, including allergic reactions, high toxins in the body, and more. As a result, all kinds of consultants and experts claim to be able to find mold, but that’s not the issue. Mold is caused by moisture and one of … Continued

Getting the Most Value Out of Your Home Inspection

Illinois law requires that professional and licensed home inspectors successfully complete 60 hours of pre-license education and pass the Illinois Home Inspector License Exam. The law does not require a home inspection be performed when a house changes hands, but many financial institutions require the step before the buyer can obtain financing. As you might … Continued

Home Buyers and Sellers Closing 2014 on a High Note

The housing market, according to RealtorMag, is looking good and home buyers and sellers may well close 2014 on a high note. Some of the factors that are making people feel more positive include the following: Record low mortgage rates Economic growth that generated 2.5 million new jobs Record high stock market Low inflation rates … Continued

Flood Damage Discovery Prior to Selling your Home

Heavy storms caused a lot of flooding this spring – one of the largest floods in Illinois history in fact. As Illinois residents watched the water recede and began the cleanup effort, many have also decided to sell their homes. When your selling a home, it’s critical to handle your disclosures correctly to prevent later … Continued

Top 3 Defects found by Infrared Home Inspectors

Infrared technology, while it sounds futuristic, is really here today and it’s in compact, portable form. It’s also become the cutting-edge technology in the home inspection industry as it’s the best way to see the condition of any property without having to destroy parts of it to get a look inside. If you want the … Continued

Pre-listing Infrared Home Inspection

Why You Should do a Pre-listing Infrared Home Inspection

The advantage of infrared for home inspections is something we really believe in here and the fact is, the use of infrared for home inspections is growing increasingly popular. So, why should you do a pre-listing infrared home inspection – that is, prior to listing your home for sale? The current inventory of homes on … Continued