Illinois Home Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Air conditioners can fail at any time and with no warning, but of course, they usually fail when the temperatures are at their peak. Ignoring a functioning air conditioner year after year is a sure way to get it to fail, but there are simple methods a homeowner can use to identify common problems and … Continued

The Number 1 Way to be sure Your Home is Insulated Properly

With energy costs rising, many homeowners are spending a little time thinking about their insulation. Insulation is is placed inside the walls and in the roof area to keep the air that is conditioned by your heating and cooling systems inside the home. Missing insulation, poorly installed insulation, and old insulation products can all mean … Continued

To Really Know your Home – try an Infrared Home Inspection

To really know anything, you have to understand it. You have to dig into the topic and study it and know it inside an out. This is true of your home too. Whether you are considering buying a new home or have an existing home, an infrared home inspection can make you the first person … Continued

Tips to Avoid Hiring a Bad Home Inspector

A home inspection is part of one of the largest financial purchases most individuals will make in their lifetime, and of course you want it done right. When you know that every industry has a few bad apples, how do you avoid hiring a bad home inspector? 1. Credentials What credentials does the home inspector … Continued