Winter Fireplace Safety

Winter Home Fires and Fireplace Safety Tips

While an infrared camera can’t do much to help a homeowner inspect the interior of their chimney, consider this a public service announcement and a word of caution to all homeowners who have and enjoy their fireplace in the winter. According to the U.S. Fire Administration department of FEMA, more than one-third of U.S. homes … Continued

Will your Roof Withstand the Winter Snows?

In regions where the temperatures dip into freezing for many winter months, snow and ice can build up on a roof in the winter in Elgin, Illinois and nearby towns. That build-up can add a tremendous amount of extra weight to the structure of your roof and, in some cases, cause it to collapse. The … Continued

Water heater damage

Summer Energy Saving Tip – Cooler Showers Anyone?

One of the biggest energy drains in your Illinois home – next to your air conditioner – is your hot water heater or hot water system. Most experts estimate that it uses up to 25% of your total home energy use – that’s a quarter of your bill every month! We all like our water … Continued

home energy saving tips

Top 7 Energy Saving Techniques to Implement in 2013

Some homeowners experience monthly utility bill shock, but there are a number of energy saving improvements that can help save you money during 2013, and a home energy audit can identify the areas of potential savings that will lower your utility bills all year long. The following are 7 simple techniques a homeowner can implement … Continued

Chicago winter

8 Steps to Prepare your Home for Winter

The long cold winter months are hard on homes, with freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall causing most of the problems. Preparing your home for the winter months is a good way to ensure you and your home are warm and secure until things warm up. See these 8 steps to prep your home for winter. … Continued

Natural gas

What every homeowner needs to know about natural gas

Natural gas service is used as an alternative to coal and oil or electricity to heat homes and other buildings. Natural gas lines are typically buried in the ground and so it’s important never to dig in your lawn unless you know you’re digging in an area free of the various underground lines. As a … Continued

Beat the Fall Furnace Maintenance Rush!

Before the chilly temperatures of autumn set in, it’s important for homeowner’s to make an appointment for their furnace’s annual checkup. Calling early means you can have a cleaned, well-adjusted heating system that’s ready when you need it rather than waiting to get a spot in your inspector’s schedule. Some homeowners never have a professional … Continued

Top 5 Home Energy Myths

Sometimes an idea catches on and sticks and it becomes ‘common wisdom’. Such wisdom, however, is sometimes based on outdated or erroneous information. There are a wide range of myths about home energy use that can cost homeowners big money. We thought we’d debunk a few of the top myths we’ve heard from homeowners over … Continued

Illinois Home Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Air conditioners can fail at any time and with no warning, but of course, they usually fail when the temperatures are at their peak. Ignoring a functioning air conditioner year after year is a sure way to get it to fail, but there are simple methods a homeowner can use to identify common problems and … Continued

A Home Cleanup Tip for Summer – Seal your Vents

For most birds, breeding season begins as soon as early March and lasts all summer – well into August. Any opening in your home, such as a dryer vent or a bathroom fan vent is a potential home for nesting birds. We’ve even heard of squirrels getting into the basement of a home through the … Continued