Infrared Home Inspections – Not Just for Home Buyers Anymore

Sure, a home inspection is critical when you’re buying a home, but infrared home inspections aren’t just for buyers anymore. It’s more common to inspect a home when you’re buying it, of course. You want to know the real value of the home and what kinds of issues you’re getting into, but what about when … Continued

Thermal image water leak

Top 3 Basement Problems Revealed with Thermal Imaging

When it comes to your basement, most homeowners and homebuyers are concerned about moisture, mold and leaks, but that’s not all the issues you’ll find in the typical home basement. Basements are the ideal locations for a number of issues that can affect your home’s condition and value. Over the course of my experience as … Continued

That Row of Icicles Along the Roof Better be Electric

The natural rows of icicles sometimes seen along the eaves of a home are not as lovely as you think. They are an indicator of serious problems within your roof and/or the attic of your home. Those rows of icicles are called ice dams and they form when the melting snow and ice refreezes along … Continued

Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips

The kitchen is the ‘heart’ of most homes, especially on Thanksgiving when we celebrate our gratitude for food, family, and plenty. Cooking fires, however, are the number one cause of home fires and fire-related injuries, so it’s important to take a minute to review some important Thanksgiving day fire safety tips before the big day. … Continued

Heating System Components Wear Out – How Is the Heat in Your Home Working?

Just about any component of a home–older homes especially–can wear out, including the components of your heating system. A typical central heating system is composed of many components: A furnace with burners that deliver and burn fuel Heat exchangers A blower or blowers A flue for exhaust Tubes that transfer the conditioned (heated) air to … Continued

Identify Your Home’s Top Danger Zones

While a house fire is one of the costliest disasters that can strike your home, the water damage caused by leaks or hidden plumbing problems are the most frequent reasons for home insurance claims. Identifying your home’s top danger zones is important to having a plan to fix them and ward off catastrophes. 1. Unattended … Continued

Low-Cost Tips to Improve your Electric Bill Just in Time for Summer!

As the weather warms up and we get our air conditioners in good working order (see 5 Common Air Conditioner Problems for hints), you may be groaning inwardly at the thought of your summertime electric bills. The Edison Electric Institute recommends these tips to reduce your year-round electricity usage: Replace incandescent light bulbs with LEDs … Continued

5 Common Air Conditioner Problems

As the weather warms up and we think about how to get through the hot months of summer, it’s time to step outside and locate our air conditioning units. They have been battered through the winter months and may be covered in sticks, leaves, and other debris left behind from winter storms. Before the summer … Continued

Winter Is the Best Time for Infrared Home Inspections

As the temperatures dip toward the freezing levels – and below for some regions! – we’d like to remind you that winter is the best time for an infrared home inspection. Why? Because infrared works on heat variations, called ‘heat signatures’ and when it’s cold outside, the differences between interior heat signatures and outdoor temps … Continued