MacDonald Property InspectionsPrior to embarking on an extensive renovation project, we recommend that owners apply this type of inspection to assess hidden problems that may affect the cost or difficulty of the renovation. If you have radiant heat in your home, using our infrared camera prior to installing a new floor will show the location of the in floor tubes and hopefully that no problems currently exist. Then, it can also help the flooring expert you have hired prevent introducing new damage to your home as a result of the renovation.


Pre-renovation Building Inspections Articles

Getting the Most Value Out of Your Home Inspection

Illinois law requires that professional and licensed home inspectors successfully complete 60 hours of pre-license education and pass the Illinois Home Inspector License Exam. The law does not require a home inspection be performed when a house changes hands, but many financial institutions require the step before the buyer can obtain financing. As you might … Continued

Top 3 Things that Go Wrong with a Radiant Heat Floor

Almost no one can resist the temptation to walk barefoot on a heated floor. Invented by those savvy ancient Romans (who installed slaves to fan wood-burning fires under elevated marble floors) radiant heat flooring is a heating system that is installed under the floors of your home. It conducts heat through the floor surface rather … Continued

5 Home Remodeling Tips for a Great Renovation

Have you noticed how many contractors are working in the neighborhoods these days? The summer season is remodel season – especially for homeowners who have put off their renovation work until the warmer months and for those who have taken advantage of the still-low interest rates and moved into a new home. It’s renovation season. … Continued