MacDonald Property InspectionsThis inspection is typically performed when a homeowner suspects a problem exists but does not want to tear out walls or flooring to investigate. An infrared investigative inspection may be able to isolate and identify problems that are not currently visible, but could cause significant problems later. For example, you may want to perform this type of infrared inspection after experiencing a severe storm or flood, or when you notice unusual pest or insect activity. In many cases, this type of inspection can find the problem before it is irreversible.


Investigative Property Inspections Articles

Negotiating After Your Infrared Home Inspection

One of the most important reasons for having a home inspection of any kind is to discover the true condition of the home through a trained third-party. An independent home inspector gives the buyer the information they need to evaluate potential defects and deferred maintenance on the home they are purchasing before the sale is … Continued

Are We Weird for Wanting an Infrared Home Inspection?

If we’re weird for wanting homeowners and homebuyers to have a greater level of trust that their home is safe, comfortable, and well constructed, well then OK we’re weird. We’ve been in the business of home inspection for a long time, and we’ve seen the business grow in reputation but it irks us when we … Continued

Choose the Non-Destructive Way to Investigate your Home’s Problems

When your home has a problem, and you need it fixed quickly, the first step is to discover the source of the problem. Sometimes the discovery of the source is pretty quick and simple, but in other cases learning what is causing the problem seems more like a guessing game. If you have called contractors … Continued