All inspections conducted by MacDonald Property Inspections are enhanced with Infrared Thermal Imaging, which applies the latest infrared inspection technology to assist in locating problems and deficiencies. Our infrared cameras were originally developed for the military to enhance night vision. By applying this technology to home inspections and commercial building inspections, an infrared camera can often detect potential problems that are beneath the finished surfaces of the home, giving you the chance to repair them before they become critical problems.

FLIRMacDonald Property Inspections only uses high end, high-resolution infrared cameras from FLIR, the world leader in infrared thermography equipment.

What is the value of adding infrared thermal imaging to a home inspection?

Infrared thermal imaging technology is invaluable when applied to home inspections because it can often detect hidden problems. Some issues that can be identified by infrared technology include moisture intrusion in the walls, floors, and ceilings, plumbing leaks, overloaded electrical components, and more. Thermal imaging improves our ability to determine the source of energy losses, moisture intrusion, and identify other issues that may be harder to find with a normal visual inspection.


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