5 Tips to Prepare for Home Remodeling Projects

Tips for home remodeling projectsMany homeowners put off big home remodeling projects until the weather is mild, and that means we’re heading into the big remodeling season in Illinois.

You’ll save loads of money – as well as energy, heartbreak, and stress – if you prepare carefully for your home improvement projects.

Of course, some home remodeling projects could use a little dose of infrared magic too, and we’ll tell you when and why.

1. Plan your project and get bids well in advance

If you’ve ever tried to hire a contractor for a job you know that some seasons they’re more busy than others. If you try to work your project into their already packed schedule, you’ll pay more and there won’t be any wiggle room if things go wonky.

By planning your project well in advance and getting bids ahead of time, you’ll ensure that you have everything in order and you can do your remodel at a more relaxed pace.

2. Shop for the materials yourself

In some cases, the contractor can get the materials at a better price than you can, but in others you can do better buying your products over the Internet. Talk with your contractor and see how comfortable they are with using the products you buy.

An honest contractor is going to want to get the best price, but they also want the materials to be on site on time. So, it’s a matter of coordination.

At the very least, compare the prices you are finding for materials with the prices quoted by your contractor so you can keep costs under control.

3. Do the background research ahead of time

Don’t wait until the last minute to research your contractors and get bids, but don’t wait either to get a home inspector in there ahead of time if you need it. For some renovation projects, it’s a good idea to have the area that will be renovated examined by an infrared home inspector so you can determine if there are repairs that need to occur beyond what you can see.

Nothing’s worse than tearing out a floor to discover that you need to do some major leak repair work before you can install radiant heat.

4. Plan for upgrades you want in the future – even if you can’t afford them now

If you know you’ll be in the home for some time, plan for the upgrades you want in the future, even if you can’t afford them right now. Laying the ground work for later projects can not only keep your forward momentum going, it will also ensure that you don’t have to re-do work at a later time simply because you decided to add on a hot tub, for example.

5. Pitch in and do parts of the project yourself

During the entire timeline of a project, there are probably portions of the work you can easily do yourself. It’s called sweat equity and it means applying your own hard work (your sweat) to grow the equity in your home.

If you’re putting in a new bathroom, for example, you can probably handle the painting and other details. Whatever your skills are, apply them to your project to keep costs down. Just be sure you complete the work in a timely way because delays can throw off the schedule for your contractor and end up costing you money in the long run.

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