3 Misconceptions about Infrared Home Inspections

House image, via flickr Universal PopsGetting a qualified home inspector to discover underlying issues in a home you are about to sell or buy is an important part of the home purchase process.

A qualified infrared home inspector comes with a great deal more training than a non-infrared home inspector, but both have a strong background in the building and contractor industries. Home inspectors have encountered countless termite infestations, mold and water mitigations, and all manner of leaking things from hoses, to grates, to pipes and ventilation systems.

The addition of the infrared camera simply helps us do our job better than we could before, but it is new and unfamiliar.  With anything new and unfamiliar, there are a misconceptions and these are the most common ones about infrared home inspections:

1. Infrared Cameras Don’t See Through Walls

Many people assume that infrared cameras ‘see’ through walls. They don’t really, but this is the terminology many people have used to describe this new and unfamiliar technology. Plus pictures like this one serve to reinforce the misconception.

The infrared camera measures the surface temperatures of solid objects and displays those differences to the viewer. This is where professional training comes into play – to interpret what those temperature differences mean with regards to the elements of the home.

Infrared inspections can reveal things like where water has leaked into ceiling trusses, or where HVAC pipes are disconnected, or where heated air is leaking from your home into the atmosphere. It cannot, in fact, ‘see’ through walls.

2. Infrared Home Inspections are Not Super Expensive

Most people assume that the can’t afford an infrared home inspections, but they’re really not super expensive. Certainly, an infrared home inspection will cost a little more than a standard professional home inspection but not by a significant difference.

While a standard home inspection gives the buyer a great deal of information about the home, but an infrared home inspection takes it even further. You get more, so you’d expect to pay a little more right? Plus, if you find out about that big bad leak BEFORE your ceiling falls in and you have to replace carpet and furniture in addition to the ceiling and other damages, the cost of the infrared home inspection starts to look a whole lot more reasonable.

3. Infrared Home Inspectors Can’t Find Ghosts

No, infrared is not magic and it cannot show you ghosts. Wouldn’t that be fun though?

Infrared, also known as thermal imaging, lets a home inspector take an image and show you a known condition you can’t see without the infrared. It’s not magic; it’s really awesome technology and it makes a huge difference in your home inspection.

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