Let’s Hear it for Spring! 5 Tips for Exterior Home Maintenance

Photo credit Dawn Peterson https://www.flickr.com/photos/dawniecakes/1996241022/After a long cold winter, we all look forward to the bright sunshine and warm wind of spring. The magazines and websites focus on how to spring clean the interior of your home: clean out closets, wash windows, dust ceiling fans … you know the drill. I thought it was about time to talk about maintenance tips for your home this spring.

Let’s talk about some important home maintenance tips you can do this spring to keep your home in top condition.

  1. Check the gutters. Loose, clogged, or leaky gutters means poor drainage that can lead to water in your basement, your attic, or into your walls. We usually think of cleaning our gutters in the fall after the leaf drop, but with snow melt, lots of debris from your roof has fallen into your gutters. When it rains in the spring, those clogged gutters can be a nightmare.
  2. Pull out a screwdriver and probe for rotting wood. Snow, ice, and the repeated freeze-thaw cycles can cause damage to the wood around windows, door frames, railings, decks, and garage doors. Look for signs of wood rot now, before spring rains do further damage, and have a head start on next fall.
  3. Inspect your roof for damage, especially lost or damaged shingles. If your home’s roof is older, you may notice shingles that are cracked, buckled, or loose, The flashing around plumbing vents and skylights may need to be checked and repaired. If your roof hasn’t been inspected in awhile, it’s time to consider an infrared roof inspection.
  4. Check the faucets for freeze damage. Turn an outside faucet on and plug the flow with your palm. If you can stop the flow of water, it may mean that pipe inside the home – think in your basement, walls, or crawlspace – is cracked and leaking.
  5. Clean and repair window screens. Your window screens play a critical role in your home – blocking insects and wind-borne debris from entering, while allowing you to enjoy the spring breezes before summer sets in. Windows screens are only as effective as they are maintained, so repair those screens now before you need them. To clean your screens, lay them out on the lawn and hose them clean, flip and hose again.

Many experts recommend pressure washing the exterior of your home – and that can be a good way to remove dirt and junk from the walls of your home, but if there is damaged wood or softer materials, you could cause more damage. If you do this yourself, be super careful and only do this type of washing after you have verified that there is no rotting wood or damaged siding.

Taking proper care of the exterior of your home gets rid of accumulated months of winter grime. If you’re planning outdoor activities for spring and summer, a well-maintained home can make those events even more enjoyable.

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