Heating System Components Wear Out – How Is the Heat in Your Home Working?

Heating System ComponentsJust about any component of a home–older homes especially–can wear out, including the components of your heating system. A typical central heating system is composed of many components:

  • A furnace with burners that deliver and burn fuel

  • Heat exchangers

  • A blower or blowers

  • A flue for exhaust

  • Tubes that transfer the conditioned (heated) air to various parts of your home

Combustion gases generated by the burners in your furnace pass through the exchanger. Air from your home is pulled in and passed across the exchanger to be warmed, then it is blown through a system of ducts in the floors and ceilings of your home to distribute it.

Ideally, your home will be the same comfortable temperature throughout all the time, but when you find hot or cold spots or discover that heat isn’t being delivered, you could be in for a very big surprise. Learning what component is causing the problem can be difficult because many of the most important components are hidden within the structure of your home.

Thermal cameras are ideal for determining what’s going wrong in your home’s heating system by showing you what’s not working properly. Here are just a few problems we’ve discovered for homeowners who requested an infrared home inspection:

  • Radiators working well and those that are not working properly

  • Problems with the furnace itself

  • Voids, misconnections, and leaks in the ducts (tubes) that carry heat from the furnace into the rooms and other floors of your home

  • Problems with radiant heat flooring

  • Wet or missing insulation

  • Poorly sealed windows and doors

If you suspect that the problem with your home’s heating isn’t the furnace, but within the ducts, you could be right. The ducts may be corroded, connections may have been badly installed, and your heating system could well be pouring heated air into the crawl space, attic, or between floors rather than into the rooms where you need it.

One of the most definitive ways to inspect the condition of your home’s heating system is through the use of a thermal imaging camera. We can identify a wide range of issues with your heating components, even if they are within the walls or floors of your home. We’ll show you where you can improve your heating system’s functioning and get your home warm and comfortable while saving you money in the long run.

Andrew MacDonald has been helping homeowners diagnose their heating systems for years and he can help you too. He works throughout Algonquin, Elgin, Hoffman Estates, and the surrounding areas. Give him a call today at 888-852-8298 to schedule your heating system infrared inspection today.

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