Going Solar? Get an Infrared Roof Inspection First!

Going Solar - Infrared Roof InspectionThinking of adding solar panel arrays to your roof to save energy costs? Great! but you should get a pre-installation infrared roof inspection first and here’s why: you want to be sure the mounting surface of your roof is in the best condition before you install the solar panels.

The life expectancy of standard PV solar panel arrays is 15-20 years. If your roof has any issues that require repair, wouldn’t it be better to handle those prior to installing the solar panels? Plus, you’ll have a great before-and-after infrared view of your roof to compare notes over time. Thus, you’ll know whether the solar panel installation was the cause of roof problems later.

Another reason to get an infrared roof inspection prior to installing solar panels? Let’s be sure that the roof isn’t the cause of your high energy bills first!

Roof Problems Discovered through Infrared Inspections

Waterlogged insulation adds dangerous excess weight to the roof. Even more important, it causes increased energy loss due to the reduction of the insulation’s ‘R’ value. This type of issue is ONLY found through an infrared roof inspection.

Discovering the source of the moisture and identifying the saturated insulation creates the opportunity to not only repair the roof but also has the potential of identifying the energy leak you were hoping to ‘plug’ with the installation of solar panels. If you repair the leak, replace the insulation, and get your roof back in good working order, you may find that the solar panels aren’t necessary after all.

What to Expect from an Infrared Roof Inspection

A pre-installation infrared roof scan will detect leaks, moist insulation, and other latent and unseen defects before you attach solar panels to your roof. It will give you the best view of your roof’s condition prior to adding something new on top.

If you’re installing the solar panels on a flat roof – as is the case with many commercial buildings – you will know ahead of time whether you need to do roof repairs or other maintenance prior to the solar panel installation. Removing the solar panels to fix the roof later can add significant costs to any roof repair as well as potential issues with your solar panel warranty.

Pre-Installation Inspection can Save your roof

While solar panel companies are clear about the weight that will be added to your roof, they are not likely to be on hand and willing to pay for the expenses if the additional weight causes your roof to collapse. If the roof the solar panels are installed on is faulty, that’s the homeowner’s responsibility. If the solar panels are damaged in the roof collapse, the homeowner is responsible for that loss as well. Getting a pre-installation infrared roof inspection can help you know the exact condition of your roof and make any necessary repairs to it prior to installing the solar panels.

Andrew MacDonald can help homeowners with an infrared roof inspection in Algonquin, Elgin, Hoffman Estates and surrounding areas. Give him a call today at 888-852-8298 to schedule your infrared roof inspection today.

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