Flood Damage Discovery Prior to Selling your Home

Flood Damage Discovery IllinoisHeavy storms caused a lot of flooding this spring – one of the largest floods in Illinois history in fact. As Illinois residents watched the water recede and began the cleanup effort, many have also decided to sell their homes.

When your selling a home, it’s critical to handle your disclosures correctly to prevent later lawsuits from disgruntled buyers. In fact, Illinois law requires that you, the seller, tell prospective buyers in writing everything you know about the quality, health, and safety of your property.

This includes telling buyers about:

  • Past flooding issues

  • Flood damage
  • Current flood risk

  • Unsafe conditions

  • Municipal code violations

  • Environmental issues

  • Boundary line disputes

  • Material defects in the structure, components or systems

When you’re considering selling your home, it’s a good idea to get an infrared inspection prior to putting your home on the market. While some realtors will tell you not to do this, to let the buyers handle it, an infrared inspection of your home will give you a hand up in the selling process.

After all, with all the foreclosed properties flooding the market right now, buyers are relatively scarce. Some realtors have begun recommending that their sellers undervalue their home to get bids and try to get interest and traffic through their home. Of course, when you’re selling a home, you want to sell it for the highest and best price possible, so having the home inspection ahead of time means you can handle anything that will be discovered in later inspections before you put the home up for sale.

If your home was flooded in the recent storms, an infrared home inspection can help you discover the extent of the damage and get it fixed.

The infrared home inspection will also re-assure buyers that you’re not trying to hide anything – that you really know the condition of your home and are willing to disclose it. Who knows? Your buyers could be reading this article and ask for their own infrared inspection too. If they find something you could have fixed earlier, that could prompt them to rescind their bid.

In a crazy housing market with lots of inventory for sale, an infrared inspection could make the difference between selling your home quickly and waiting for months (even years) until the market shifts in your favor.

Andrew MacDonald can help ensure that the home you are selling or buying is free of problems that could mean expensive repairs later. Give him a call today at 888.852.8298 to schedule your infrared home inspection today.

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