Does a Home Warranty Override the Need for a Home Inspection?

Home Warranty Override the Need for a Home InspectionThe idea behind the home warranty is that the home buyer gets a year of free maintenance. At least, that’s how many realtors and lenders would like home buyers to think of them.

Home warranties, particularly these days with the number of foreclosed homes on the market, are intended to entice home buyers into thinking their big investment won’t come with a big repair bill shortly after they move in. Many lenders and real estate pros like to offer home warranties as a deciding factor to making the home sell.

So, does a home warranty override the need for a home inspection? It most certainly does not. Most home warranties are very limited and they don’t cover a lot of the standard components of homes. They are at best a marketing method.

An infrared inspection versus a standard home inspection can reveal a number of issues that simply cannot be seen by a traditional (visual) inspection. Some of the issues commonly found in infrared home inspections include:


  • Moisture intrusion in the walls and floors

  • Roofing and plumbing leaks that have not yet caused permanent damage

  • Faulty wiring that’s causing dangerous overheating

  • Energy losses and missing insulation

  • Ventilation problems

  • Structural problems

Most of these issues will not be repaired by your standard home warranty either, and all of these problems will go undetected with a standard home inspection simply because the problems are hidden inside walls, floors, under carpet and more.

An infrared inspection will detect problems that can go undiscovered for years before they’re revealed and the damage is extensive.

See some images of issues found during infrared inspections in our area.

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