Choose the Non-Destructive Way to Investigate your Home’s Problems

Investigate your Home's ProblemsWhen your home has a problem, and you need it fixed quickly, the first step is to discover the source of the problem. Sometimes the discovery of the source is pretty quick and simple, but in other cases learning what is causing the problem seems more like a guessing game.

If you have called contractors and they have told you that an issue could be caused by more than one thing, that’s not useful. Further, if they tell you that discovering the true source definitively will mean:

  • Cutting holes into the wall or ceiling

  • Pulling down drywall or ceiling materials

  • Cutting into masonwork

  • Peeling off roofing materials

Wouldn’t you rather have a non-destructive option to investigate your home’s problems?

An infrared camera is a great tool for predictive maintenance on a home. It helps you identify the source of common problems like leaks, overloaded electrical components, moisture intrusion, energy losses and more. These types of issues are harder to discover with a standard visual home inspection, but with an infrared camera they are quickly discovered and you’ll have the pictures to prove you know what’s going on with your home before demolition occurs on a grand scale.

Where’s that Leak Exactly?

If you have a leaking roof, for example, wouldn’t you like to know where the leak is coming from before the contractors start ripping off shingles randomly? No roofing inspector can tell you exactly where the source of the leak is without being able to see inside the walls – and an infrared camera can do just that, so you can avoid massive damage to your home and instead plan for a targeted repair backed with the knowledge of where the leak is, how much damage it has done to the insulation, drywall, etc. and what needs to be repaired.

Why is this Room Warm and that Room Cold?

The same is true with your heating system. If your furnace seems to be operating correctly, but one portion of your home never gets heated, it’s time to figure out what could be going wrong between the furnace and that room.

A heating expert can come to your home, inspect the furnace, and make guesses as to why the heat isn’t getting to that room, but an infrared camera can expose the ductwork hidden in the walls and floors and show you what needs to be fixed. Often, the connection between ducts has degraded or was never installed or sealed properly, so the heated air is not getting to the intended destination.

If your home has an issue (or a few) and contractors are giving you guesses as to the source of the problem, give us a call.

Andrew MacDonald has been performing infrared inspections on homes in Elgin, Algonquin, St. Charles, and surrounding towns for over a decade. If you suspect you’re getting only guesswork from your contractors, request a return call today and we’ll tell you how we can help.

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