Chasing the Water – Infrared Home Inspection to the Rescue

Hidden water leak
Hidden water leak

Many homeowners have experienced this situation: an odd or slightly moldy smell where water shouldn’t be– like your bedroom or your closet in the bedroom – and then have no idea what to do about it. If you’ve ever found yourself touch testing the walls and carpet, patting around feeling for moisture, then you know exactly the dilemma. Water is somewhere in your house that it shouldn’t be but you can’t find it.

A small drip can go on for years before the damage becomes apparent but during that time, the water can soak insulation, stain ceilings, slowly rot wood, and demolish window and door seals. It can even cause mold in your home and water is one of the biggest concerns for homeowners with basements.

Even if the water and moisture damage isn’t visibly apparent, the damage is continuing and causing a ripple effect of lost energy through broken seals and wet insulation. Those energy losses can wreck your utility budget and when they increase slowly over time, it’s easy to suspect something other than a little misplaced water.

The job of an infrared home inspector often involves chasing water – specifically, chasing moisture where it shouldn’t be and exposing it (preferably before too much damage is done). You don’t have to suspect a leak or drip to want an infrared home inspection to point out the fixes you could make early on either.  Infrared is simply the best tool we have for chasing water in your home.

An infrared home inspection can find:

  • Condensation leaks – especially when they are hidden behind drywall or inside cabinets
  • Hidden leaks – especially in ceilings and floors where the leak is hidden between levels
  • Slab leaks – which can cause mold to develop and affect the integrity of your slab with cracks
  • HVAC leaks – which can cause energy losses and are often hidden well away from view
  • Roof and attic leaks – these cause significant damage to the ceiling and long term damage to the roof itself

Homeowners who have had their home repaired previously and then find that the leak is still occurring are often mislead simply because the contractor who did the repair made an educated guess as to where the water was coming from without tearing your house apart. Infrared can confirm those guesses and make sure that the repair is actually done right.