Negotiating After Your Infrared Home Inspection

One of the most important reasons for having a home inspection of any kind is to discover the true condition of the home through a trained third-party. An independent home inspector gives the buyer the information they need to evaluate potential defects and deferred maintenance on the home they are purchasing before the sale is … Continued

Top 3 Things that Go Wrong with a Radiant Heat Floor

Almost no one can resist the temptation to walk barefoot on a heated floor. Invented by those savvy ancient Romans (who installed slaves to fan wood-burning fires under elevated marble floors) radiant heat flooring is a heating system that is installed under the floors of your home. It conducts heat through the floor surface rather … Continued

Why Insist on Infrared with a New Construction Inspection?

Much like buying a new car versus a used one, many home buyers prefer to purchase a newly constructed home because they believe they’re getting the latest and best components and they won’t have to do any repairs on the home for a long time. To that end, a new home buyer may skip an … Continued