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Messy Mold Issues

The real estate industry sure has a mess on their hand with mold issues. Mold is a unique topic in the market because it has implications for homeowners and home buyers. The issue of mold and to test or not to test is unfortunately still very confusing. Home inspectors, mold remediation providers, and insurance companies … Continued

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Can Infrared Find Mold In Your Home?

We’ve all heard about the dangers of mold and how mold can cause serious health problems, including allergic reactions, high toxins in the body, and more. As a result, all kinds of consultants and experts claim to be able to find mold, but that’s not the issue. Mold is caused by moisture and one of … Continued

Foreclosure fever

Buying into Foreclosure Fever? Get an Infrared Home Inspection

A home inspector doesn’t perform an inspection differently when going into a foreclosed home, but there are a number of issues that are unique to foreclosed homes making it even more important to get an infrared home inspection. With the number of defaulted homes today, many first-time buyers are buying into foreclosure fever and getting … Continued

How to Identify Hidden Water Leaks in your Illinois Home

Water damage is one of the problems most homeowners would prefer to avoid at all costs – and the biggest issue is that water leaks can be very hard to identify. Because they’re not easily identified, a water leak can go on for years causing significant hidden damage in your home before you even know … Continued

Finding Water Before It Damages your Home Using Infrared Technology

Last month, we gave our readers tips to prevent water damage in their home. This month, we’re going to tell you how to find that water damage. Why do we care so much about water damage and moisture? Three important reasons: The first is this: according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) there is … Continued

Water Damage in your Home

3 Tips to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

Water damage is one of those slowly building catastrophes that most homeowners don’t discover until it’s too late and costly repairs are necessary. Water damage is one of the top causes of loss for homeowners and much of the damage can be prevented with regular inspections and routine home maintenance. The following are some expert … Continued

4 Surprising Ways an Infrared Home Inspection is Different

While an infrared camera is one of the coolest home inspection toys around – used for all sorts of weird uses like busting the dog for sleeping on the couch (no kidding!) – it is a highly technical (and expensive) device that makes a big difference when applied to home inspections. The most obvious use … Continued

Flood Damage Discovery Prior to Selling your Home

Heavy storms caused a lot of flooding this spring – one of the largest floods in Illinois history in fact. As Illinois residents watched the water recede and began the cleanup effort, many have also decided to sell their homes. When your selling a home, it’s critical to handle your disclosures correctly to prevent later … Continued

Water damage

4 Ways to find Moisture Issues with an Infrared Home Inspection

The detection of moisture and finding the causes of moisture intrusion is one of the most difficult tasks for standard home inspectors, but it’s an excellent application for the thermal imaging or Infrared (IR) camera inspections. See the list of infrared home inspection services we deliver to our homeowner clients in Elgin, Algonquin, Geneva, and … Continued