What Infrared Teaches Homeowners

What an Infrared Home Inspection Teaches Homeowners

A home inspection, while a critical element of any home purchase, is also used by homeowners who want to satisfy a nagging question about the condition of their home, are about to start a renovation project, or want to get their home in top condition prior to selling. Most home buyers make their purchase offer … Continued

Infrared Home Inspections – Not Just for Home Buyers Anymore

Sure, a home inspection is critical when you’re buying a home, but infrared home inspections aren’t just for buyers anymore. It’s more common to inspect a home when you’re buying it, of course. You want to know the real value of the home and what kinds of issues you’re getting into, but what about when … Continued

Living room

Top 3 Things Infrared Can Find in your Living Room

It’s called the living room for a reason. That’s the room in your house where you typically relax, lounge, socialize – you live in that room. It’s often the largest and most trafficked room in your house, so it takes a real beating every day. Because you spend so much time in this room of … Continued

Hidden water leak

Chasing the Water – Infrared Home Inspection to the Rescue

Many homeowners have experienced this situation: an odd or slightly moldy smell where water shouldn’t be– like your bedroom or your closet in the bedroom – and then have no idea what to do about it. If you’ve ever found yourself touch testing the walls and carpet, patting around feeling for moisture, then you know … Continued

Negotiating After Your Infrared Home Inspection

One of the most important reasons for having a home inspection of any kind is to discover the true condition of the home through a trained third-party. An independent home inspector gives the buyer the information they need to evaluate potential defects and deferred maintenance on the home they are purchasing before the sale is … Continued

Infrared home inspector toolkit

What’s in an Infrared Home Inspector’s Toolkit?

Whether you’re someone who wants to buy a home to live in or a real estate investor, it’s more than likely you have walked through plenty of properties. You may have seen so many homes, you don’t even remember what they look like. When you find one you want to buy, that essential last step … Continued

Getting the Most Value Out of Your Home Inspection

Illinois law requires that professional and licensed home inspectors successfully complete 60 hours of pre-license education and pass the Illinois Home Inspector License Exam. The law does not require a home inspection be performed when a house changes hands, but many financial institutions require the step before the buyer can obtain financing. As you might … Continued

Top 5 Home Winterizing Tips

No doubt about it, winter is upon us and the freezing temperatures, frigid wind, ice and snow common to our region make it a challenge to keep warm. Winterizing your home in Elgin, St. Charles, Schaumburg and the Northwest Suburbs isn’t just about staying warm, however. It’s also about ensuring the safety of your home. … Continued

Heating System Components Wear Out – How Is the Heat in Your Home Working?

Just about any component of a home–older homes especially–can wear out, including the components of your heating system. A typical central heating system is composed of many components: A furnace with burners that deliver and burn fuel Heat exchangers A blower or blowers A flue for exhaust Tubes that transfer the conditioned (heated) air to … Continued

Top 5 Basement Waterproofing Concerns for Homeowners

If you live in Illinois and your home was built in the last 20 or 30 years, your home likely has a poured concrete foundation. Older homes were often built using masonry, such as brick or stone. Both foundations have their benefits and problems and both are susceptible to leaks. Older foundations used mortar between … Continued