4 Surprising Ways an Infrared Home Inspection is Different

While an infrared camera is one of the coolest home inspection toys around – used for all sorts of weird uses like busting the dog for sleeping on the couch (no kidding!) – it is a highly technical (and expensive) device that makes a big difference when applied to home inspections. The most obvious use … Continued

5 Warning Signs to Home Buyers

Buying a home is a serious decision. Whether you choose a recently built home, a fixer-upper, or an older home in great shape, getting the highest quality home inspection is important. Many of the defects that are in a home – even brand new homes – are simply not easily visible and they can lurk … Continued

Time to Update your Heating System? An Infrared Inspection Helps

Energy experts claim that homeowners are using less in fuel every year, and yet space heating is still a significant energy waster in many households. Although it varies by region, Illinois residents can count on their heating system to use a minimum of 30% of their overall utility expenses every year. As a result, many … Continued

Tests during your home inspection

8 Tests You Can Run During your Home Inspection

We’ve all learned the hard way that there are some things you just have to do for yourself to be sure they’re done right. When you’re thinking of buying or renting a new place to live – whether it be an apartment, a condo, or a single-family home, there are some useful tests you can … Continued

4 Common Misconceptions about Home Inspections

There are many misconceptions people have about home inspections. 1. Home inspections are not appraisals. A home inspection is done by an independent trained inspector whose job it is to act as an independent reviewer of the current condition of the home, including it’s systems (heating, plumbing, electrical, etc.) and components (foundation, walls, support beams, … Continued

Pre-listing Infrared Home Inspection

Why You Should do a Pre-listing Infrared Home Inspection

The advantage of infrared for home inspections is something we really believe in here and the fact is, the use of infrared for home inspections is growing increasingly popular. So, why should you do a pre-listing infrared home inspection – that is, prior to listing your home for sale? The current inventory of homes on … Continued

Infrared for home electrical inspections

Why Infrared is Great for Home Electrical Inspections

While the advantage of infrared (IR) imaging in the home inspection process is clear, infrared has particular advantages when it comes to inspecting electrical systems. Because the components of a home electrical system almost always overheat prior to failing, and you can only really identify the overheating with an infrared camera, infrared is key to … Continued

home energy saving tips

Top 7 Energy Saving Techniques to Implement in 2013

Some homeowners experience monthly utility bill shock, but there are a number of energy saving improvements that can help save you money during 2013, and a home energy audit can identify the areas of potential savings that will lower your utility bills all year long. The following are 7 simple techniques a homeowner can implement … Continued