Living room

Top 3 Things Infrared Can Find in your Living Room

It’s called the living room for a reason. That’s the room in your house where you typically relax, lounge, socialize – you live in that room. It’s often the largest and most trafficked room in your house, so it takes a real beating every day. Because you spend so much time in this room of … Continued

Thermal image water leak

Top 3 Basement Problems Revealed with Thermal Imaging

When it comes to your basement, most homeowners and homebuyers are concerned about moisture, mold and leaks, but that’s not all the issues you’ll find in the typical home basement. Basements are the ideal locations for a number of issues that can affect your home’s condition and value. Over the course of my experience as … Continued

Negotiating After Your Infrared Home Inspection

One of the most important reasons for having a home inspection of any kind is to discover the true condition of the home through a trained third-party. An independent home inspector gives the buyer the information they need to evaluate potential defects and deferred maintenance on the home they are purchasing before the sale is … Continued

Best Time for an Infrared Home Inspection in the Summer

An infrared camera uses radiographic infrared to detect very small differences in the temperature of surfaces. The images an infrared camera captures are so detailed that you cans see small variations in temperature on the surfaces of walls, floors, ceilings, and more. Those temperature differences indicate hidden characteristics of a home, such as the presence … Continued

Getting the Most Value Out of Your Home Inspection

Illinois law requires that professional and licensed home inspectors successfully complete 60 hours of pre-license education and pass the Illinois Home Inspector License Exam. The law does not require a home inspection be performed when a house changes hands, but many financial institutions require the step before the buyer can obtain financing. As you might … Continued

Home Buyers and Sellers Closing 2014 on a High Note

The housing market, according to RealtorMag, is looking good and home buyers and sellers may well close 2014 on a high note. Some of the factors that are making people feel more positive include the following: Record low mortgage rates Economic growth that generated 2.5 million new jobs Record high stock market Low inflation rates … Continued

Choose the Non-Destructive Way to Investigate your Home’s Problems

When your home has a problem, and you need it fixed quickly, the first step is to discover the source of the problem. Sometimes the discovery of the source is pretty quick and simple, but in other cases learning what is causing the problem seems more like a guessing game. If you have called contractors … Continued

Heating System Components Wear Out – How Is the Heat in Your Home Working?

Just about any component of a home–older homes especially–can wear out, including the components of your heating system. A typical central heating system is composed of many components: A furnace with burners that deliver and burn fuel Heat exchangers A blower or blowers A flue for exhaust Tubes that transfer the conditioned (heated) air to … Continued