Best Time for an Infrared Home Inspection in the Summer

Infrared home inspection in summer (photo via Michael Pardo via flickr)An infrared camera uses radiographic infrared to detect very small differences in the temperature of surfaces. The images an infrared camera captures are so detailed that you cans see small variations in temperature on the surfaces of walls, floors, ceilings, and more.

Those temperature differences indicate hidden characteristics of a home, such as the presence or absence of insulation, the location and connectivity of water pipes, and whether your home has energy leaks among other things.

Because the infrared camera sees temperature differences, the timing of an infrared home inspection in the summer months, when the components of a building are warmed up can be trickier than in the winter depending on where your home is located. The sun and wind can change the temperature of the roof, the walls, and other components of a home and it can make it harder for the infrared camera to detect the temperature differences it need to point out problems with the structure or systems.

In the summer months, I always recommend that we perform the infrared home inspection in the morning hours when the temperatures are cooler or in the evenings after the sun has dropped closer to the horizon and temperatures have cooled off. It’s not about the camera itself, it’s about what it’s trying to see and when the temperatures inside the home are very different from the temperatures outside the home, a home inspector with an infrared camera can more easily see where you may have problems. In the winter, we can do your infrared inspection just about any time and here’s why Winter is the Best Time for an Infrared Home Inspection.

That said, if you need a home inspection in the summer, we can work things out to get you the best level of detail about the condition of your home or a home you want to buy if we time things right.

Andrew MacDonald has been performing infrared home inspections in all seasons throughout Elgin, Algonquin, St. Charles, and the surrounding towns for over a decade. When you want to know the condition of your home or a home you are considering buying, call Andrew today and he’ll tell you how he can help.
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