Beat the Fall Furnace Maintenance Rush!

Fall Furnace MaintenanceBefore the chilly temperatures of autumn set in, it’s important for homeowner’s to make an appointment for their furnace’s annual checkup. Calling early means you can have a cleaned, well-adjusted heating system that’s ready when you need it rather than waiting to get a spot in your inspector’s schedule.

Some homeowners never have a professional inspect their furnace, but if you think about it this way: you’d never let your car go years without service, it gets more clear.

What to expect from your HVAC Pro

The good news is that many HVAC systems need very little attention:

  • A heat pump needs only a yearly service call to check filters and belts and oil moving parts and inspect the wiring.
  • A gas-fired, forced-air heating system is simple too – check the heat exchanger, flue, and ducts and adjust the burner. Change the filter every month or two during the heating season.
  • Other systems, like oil-fired boilers, require annual maintenance (flue cleaning, fuel-filter changing, jet adjusting) that’s best done by the pros.

Air conditioning systems are less maintenance-intensive, but pre-winter is a great time to get them in good shape before letting them sleep through the winter. At the beginning and end of each cooling season, you should:

  1. Clean and replace the filters
  2. Vacuum the unit to clear away any debris
  3. Lubricate the motor

Once that’s done, you can put a cover over the air conditioner unit to keep leaves, dirt, and other debris from falling in there during the winter – that means less clean up at the start of the cooling season.

How to pick a pro?

As you might expect: ask your neighbors. Those with good word-of-mouth reputations are usually pretty reliable. Otherwise, look for one that designs, installs, and services systems because full-service companies tend to be more up-to-date on the latest advances in the field.

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