5 Ways Infrared Saves Homeowners Time and Money

Infrared Saves HomeownersBy measuring thermal, or infrared energy, an infrared thermography camera can detect insulation, water, heating, air leakage and cooling problems – all without destructive exploration and saving homeowners hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

You may have had a standard home inspection before and you may or may not have been surprised by what you discovered after living in your newly inspected home the first six months or a year. Once you’ve purchased a home, however, there is very little you can get from the previous owner or the home inspector if there are major issues with your home. In infrared home inspection simply gives you more data and more accurate information.

The following are some ways infrared saves homeowners a lot of time and money.

1. Infrared Inspections without Destruction or Disruption

The infrared home inspection detects problems quickly – without interrupting the services of your home or destroying parts of your home to investigate what’s going on where you can’t see.. Specifically, an infrared inspection detects problems in finished areas (behind walls, in ceilings, and under the roof) without having to tear out the walls or pull up floorboards where you suspect there is a water leak.

2. Infrared Helps Avoid Unnecessary Repairs

Because infrared isolates water damage, termite damage, and other places in your home that are experiencing problems but are not seen by the naked eye, it avoids unnecessary repairs. For example, if the roof is leaking in one corner of your home but the rest of the roof is working fine, you wouldn’t know that with a traditional home inspection and you could be talked into an entire roof replacement when only one portion was necessary to repair.

3. Infrared Identifies Energy Losses

Infrared home inspections identify a home’s energy losses and help the homeowner fix those issues with their home so that they can save month-over-month on their utility bills. Having an infrared energy audit on your home is one way to save a lot of time identifying where the problem areas are and money on wasted utilities.

Infrared identifies air leaks which lead to energy loss and help the homeowner plug those leaks or fill in missing insulation. Infrared can also isolate water damaged portions of a roof, ceiling or floor and avoid unnecessary replacement costs

4. Infrared Pre-Listing Inspections Save Sellers Thousands

When you want to sell your home – and you’d like to do it quickly to save realtor’s costs and more – having a pre-listing infrared home inspection is the ideal way to be sure that the buyer’s home inspector doesn’t find anything you haven’t already fixed. When you want to sell your home quickly, an infrared home inspection can save you thousands of dollars in price negotiations because you know what your home is worth. You’ll also save yourself weeks or months of time waiting while the buyer gets an inspection, sends their demands for repairs, and you determine whether you will do them or not.

5. Infrared Saves Renovation Dollars

How many times have you heard of renovation costs going drastically up when the homeowner discovers something they never knew was a problem in the area being renovated? It happens all the time because we can’t see through walls. When you are planning a renovation of part of your home, having an infrared home inspection can save you loads of money in renovation dollars because you and your renovation team will know what problems they are likely to face before the start tearing into the walls. What’s great about this is you can more accurately budget for renovations and have better assurances that you will have enough month to complete the job you started.

We believe that infrared home inspections are the ideal way to discover what is really going on in your home, and when you see our inspection report, we believe you will too!

Andrew MacDonald has been inspecting homes in Hoffman Estates, Palatine, Schaumburg, St. Charles and surrounding towns for nearly a decade. If you want to save money on home repairs and renovations, fill in our online form and request an infrared home inspection today.

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