4 Surprising Ways an Infrared Home Inspection is Different

Infrared Home Inspection is DifferentWhile an infrared camera is one of the coolest home inspection toys around – used for all sorts of weird uses like busting the dog for sleeping on the couch (no kidding!) – it is a highly technical (and expensive) device that makes a big difference when applied to home inspections.

The most obvious use of an infrared camera is to identify insulation defects in the walls or air leaks in attics – both of which are relatively easy to fix once the homeowner knows the situation. What is less obvious to homeowners are the other uses for infrared cameras in a home inspection.

1. Leaking tubs, toilets, and showers

Plumbing leaks often start off slow and the damage they do is often hidden to everyone until it starts to affect other parts of the house. That growing stain in the ceiling of the kitchen, for example.


2. Overheating Electrical Components

A scan of electrical panels with an infrared camera easily identifies overheated conductors and circuit breakers. An infrared inspection, therefore, finds things like loose connections and other things that simply aren’t apparent otherwise.

3. Wet Basements

Wet basements are difficult to diagnose without an infrared image. It’s one thing to guess that there is moisture intrusion in the basement, but an infrared image that clearly shows what is wet really helps the homeowner get the picture.

4. Random Surprises

There are all sorts of random surprises that can be identified with an infrared camera and we’ve found instances where infrared was used to identify critters living in the attic (a family of squirrels who had to be relocated), heat registers accidentally carpeted over, duct connections that were leaking heat into the crawlspace, and more.

An infrared home inspection is a little like an adventure because you never know what you’re going to find, but then again, that’s the point, right? If you have questions about infrared home inspections, see our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Andrew MacDonald can help homeowners understand the true condition of a home in Algonquin, Elgin, Hoffman Estates and surrounding areas with an infrared home inspection. Give him a call today at 888-852-8298 to schedule your infrared home inspection today.

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