3 Reasons to Get an Infrared Home Inspection for your Newly Constructed Home

New Home Construction Inspection (photo credit via flickr Armchair Builder)There are many reasons Illinois buyers are excited about growth in the new home construction market. According to my real estate friends, it’s picking up all over the country. New homes may not be listed in the local MLS so early bird buyers often get the best discounts. Builders also don’t have a personal or emotional connection with the house, so when it’s time to sell, they sell without all the questions, negotiation of trust, and more that can sometimes come with a purchase of a new-to-you home. First-time buyers often find getting into a new construction home is easier because they have more negotiating room.

Still, many buyers skip the home inspection when buying a newly constructed home and this is a big mistake.

“Newly constructed homes are inspected dozens of times by city inspectors – it’s part of the permit process. So I don’t need to hire a private home inspector if I’m buying a new home.”

I hear this all the time, but consider the following:

1. Building Codes don’t Look at the Whole House

New construction homes are required to meet certain building codes and to be inspected by the local municipality, but that inspection is a very quick walk-through and designed to ensure that the builder didn’t cut corners and the materials used in the construction are up to code.

As a home inspector, some of my longest reports are on new construction and the infrared aspect of the home inspection gives insight into some that the builders may or may not even know about like leaks. I look at the entire picture of the home, not just individual systems, so even though a newly constructed home may have been ‘inspected’ multiple times by city inspectors, the home as a whole hasn’t been inspected yet.

2. Pre-drywall Inspections Uncover Surprises

One of the things I can do as an infrared home inspector is perform a pre-drywall inspection so that you know that the framing, electrical and plumbing systems are done right before the drywall hides what mistakes the builder or sub-contractors may not want you to see. Being able to see and touch the parts of your home before it’s sealed up and painted is invaluable.

Leaking main drain pipe
Leaking main drain pipe

If a home inspection in the re-sale housing market can find issues that date back to the  home’s original construction, then imagine what we can do with unlimited access to the home as it’s being built.

3. Penny Wise is Pound Foolish

You’re  spending a lot of money – savings and future earnings – to get this house. Whether you plan to live in it yourself or rent it out, knowing what condition it is in puts you in a position to better negotiate the purchase price and to maintain the home in the years to come. Saving pennies now by skipping the home inspection could mean paying a lot more later.

New construction homes are not impervious to installation defects. After all, builders are in a hurry. Construction teams want to get it done and move on to the next job. Even that 1-year new home warranty won’t mean anything when the roof starts to leak in a few years or you discover an entire wall is missing insulation and your kids are cold at night.
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